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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Submission


We compromise to request the search engine submission and do the respective follow up, but
under no circumstances we can guarantee that you will be included on them.

Our search engine specialists will download your pages, change the relevant META TAGS needed for the submission to be as successful as possible, and submit your site to the top 5 search engines and to more than 600.000 of secondary search engines, including: Google, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN, Overture, HotBot, Wisenut, DogPile, AOL, Search, All The Web, Teoma, Excite, NBCi, All the Sites, Ix Quick, etc.

When submission is ready we will send you a report with the date the submission was requested and to which search engines it was made.

After 2 months of the first submission we will make a follow up and you can ask for a report on your site's progress. If it is needed (and usually it is if you want to be ranked on the top 10 positions) a new submission will be requested every 2 months, till your year period is over, unless you want to renew the service.

If you agree with these terms and you are not a hosting client with us we can give you this service for
usd$350 for one year.

If you want the service you should agree with the following:

  1. You have read the notes above and agree with them
  2. You agree to pay $350 in advance that covers one year
  3. You have to give us the keywords that you want to use, not more than 16 words for each page.
  4. You should give us the FTP access codes for your site
  5. You won't allow any other person or company to manipulate the site while on the submission process, otherwise we take no responsibilities for any failures and you will lose any right to claim your money back.
  6. Your page should not use frames on the front page of your site and make sure that they have "real text" not only images to make the indexation process faster and more efficient.


Links & Banners

Linking with other sites does not only give you the opportunity to attract some visitors to your site from other peoples' sites, but it is also now a major thing to consider in order to improve your search engines ranking.

Links rates

For one year (each)


For two years (each)


For three years (each)



We also offer Banners from our sites to yours. The importance of this marketing tool is so great that we have many customers that invest more on the banners than in the actual hosting of their site in one year! Yes, amazing...but true. When you place a banner on a site that has a good amount of visitors and this visitors are a targeted sector, you can't go wrong. In all the sites in which we offer banners we have an amazing number of targeted visitors (i.e. www.bruncas.com is getting more than 12.000 visitors per day, looking for information on Costa Rican Business! - and www.hotels.co.cr is getting more than 800 visitors per day looking for accommodations in Costa Rica, that's more than 700.000 hits a month

Banner rates

For six months (each)


For one year (each)


*The design is included if you want to place the banner in one of our sites, otherwise the
design rate for a banner is : $200




So you have a web site...
But, is it really working?


Yes, sure... many people can help you build an amazing looking web site, but can they make your site successful?

Here at KitCom we have had great results with most of our clients when it comes to search engine submissions, and although we are not magicians we sure can help you out.

There are many techniques to make your site "available" on the internet community, and although nobody can guarantee that you will be on top of every search engine, these is not the only way.

First things first...

Just remember that the internet is just another way to promote your business, just like printed media, radio, tv commercials, brochures, newspaper ads, etc.

Internet is not a "miraculous salvation" for your company. It is as good as any other advertising effort.  The adventage is a carefully planned strategy that will help you a lot.

Here you will find some of services to help you market your site over the Internet...

And if you have any questions just ask, we'll be glad to help.

Some banner samples:

We can offer links and banners for the following 


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