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Website maintenance policy

All our Hosting accounts include the following

  • Linux/Apache servers with 99.99% uptime in the USA.
  • Costa Rica local phone and email support
  • 100/200 or 350 MB disk space
  • Control panel Account Manager
  • 6/12 or 25 POP e-mail accounts
  • 6/12 or 25  e-mail forwarding
  • 6/12 or 25  auto responders
  • FrontPage extensions
  • Web browser based email access
  • Detailed website statistics package
  • Front Page 2002 Server Extensions
  • Full FTP access
  • Search engine request to index
  • The expertise of seven years on business and a large base of happy clients.

    Optional features
  • BBS service (usd$100 setup fee, no yearly fee)
  • Real Time Java Chat (usd$100 setup fee, usd$100 per year)
  • Internal Search engine (free)
  • 20MB hard drive space is USD$20 per month
  • 5 additional POP accounts USD$15 per month
  • Backup of your site HTML and pictures on CD is USD$25 per copy
  • A copy of your site working from a CD is usd$50 per copy
  • Non-regular client Search engine request usd$500 per year
  • Links usd$150 per year, usd$250 two years, usd$325 three years.
  • Banners usd$900 per year.

    General Guidelines
  • Hosting begins the day we put up the site for your review and notify  you.  If you take additional time to "approve" the site, those days are still included in your hosting.
  • We DO NOT host adult, offensive, or illegal web sites
  • E-Mail spamming is not permitted
  • Payment must be received by scheduled due date to avoid possible interruption of service.
  • If a client doesn't pay their bills or closes their business, we will disable the site. The fee to put the site back on line is usd$50, plus any unpaid invoice.

    Maintenance for all Hosting accounts
  • Maintenance is intended to keep your existing website content fresh and up to date. Maintenance is not intended to be used for new design work.
  • All non-yearly hosting accounts include 60 minutes of website updates to existing content per month.  These minutes do not accrue.  If they are not used during any given month, they expire.
  • Updates to websites generally take 8-24 hours to schedule and complete but can take more or less time depending on our workload and the nature of the update.
  • Time spent making updates above the 60 minutes per month are charged to your account.
  • Time spent interpreting design requests is considered part of the design process and is billed.
  • We cannot manage your update work load. Updates for each month need to be received each month, not in bulk to be spread out over months.
  • Changes taking more than 60 minutes are billed at $15 an hour. Be aware that We will not keep track of minutes used or not on one particular job, as the 60 minutes are only use as a reference for a service.
  • Each change involves opening the website in an HTML editor, making the requested change and publishing the updated version to the internet, checking the update on line, etc. Only these steps take a minimum of 7 minutes to complete. These steps are taken each time new changes are received.
  • Time spent researching disputed website changes (time spent) that have already been addressed by these policies will be charged to the month in which the disputed changes occurred. Design or billing errors that are deemed our responsibility will be corrected at no charge.
  • We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" to existing content and "new design" work.  New design work is charged at our hourly design rate of $15 per hour or usd$25 per page.
  • We are happy to provide our hosting customers as much e-mail address support as wanted or needed with incoming e-mails. We are doing more and more e-mail support these days, and find that most of our time is spent resolving problems that originate on the client’s own computer or their ISP.
  • We give clients their e-mail account information (server name, user name and password), and will fix any problems that originate on our end.  Any additional support (for e-mail issues not originating with us) will be counted as part of your monthly maintenance minutes.  While we are happy to walk you through resolving issues on your computer and/or to contact your ISP, we need to charge you for this time.  We have this policy so that we can give great support for problems that are not ours to fix.
  • We help new customers get their email setup and working at no additional fees.
  • We reserve the right to request that you present us with the desired changes in an alternate format. For example, it is to your benefit to e-mail text changes and images to prevent unnecessary time retyping or scanning images.  While we do not charge for those services it uses up time we can spend on your included 60 minutes of revisions per month.
  • We will do our best to accommodate and work with third party companies (your graphic designer, hosting company, consultant, etc.), but reserve the right to charge more if communication with the third party becomes overly time-consuming or non-productive.
  • Web site statistics are included with all non-yearly Hosting packages. Should you prefer to use an outside statistics provider please use your FTP account or the Control panel to download the server logs and process the Stats. We will not provide any support on this type of situations.




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