CMS content management


Content management system

A content management system  or CMS is a software application running on the Internet and created to manage digital content, images, text, videos, etc. Nowdays, these types of applications are used for almost any sort of  online business.

A CMS can be use to create a single page, a web site or a site with lots of  pages, items and requirements....that's the reason we do not provide standard plans or prices.

A CMS should include:

  • Indexing, search and retrieval, format management, revision control and publishing facilities.
  • Format management to manage legacy electronic documents like HTML, PDF documents, Videos and embed other type of files.
  • Revision control to tracks any changes made to files by individuals.
  • Publishing functionality to give individuals facilities to use templates, wizards and other tools to create or modify content.
  • A user interface friendly and consistent with other tools on the general user  repertory.
  • A high level of security

After many years of being on online business, and with thousands of projects on our back we found that one of the best tools on the market to deal with those requirements is Joomla, followed by Wordpress. For large and complex sites we will use Joomla. For small sites we may select Wordpress.

Security, stability and low use of hardware resources are  our prime directive and Joomla get the job done easily.